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Big Picture Big Sound was created by a movie buff and an electronics hobbyist who thought the world would somehow be a better place with a Web site dedicated to all things film, HDTV and home theater.

Chris Boylan (the electronics guru) and Joe Lozito (the movie buff) went to the same college in upstate New York, five years apart, but they never actually met until their paths crossed at a sushi restaurant in the Big Apple. 

Twelve years later, after many adventures, and a few close calls with blue meanies, underworld kingpins, orcs, goblins and one pesky dark lord of the Sith, Big Picture Big Sound was born. 

Over time, like-minded writers with credentials as impressive and diverse as The New York Times, Home Theater Magazine, Electronic House, Women's Day, Listener Magazine, Wired,, New York Newsday, DVD Angle, SoundStage, Cinema Blend and Beer and Tavern Chronicle have joined the cause to guide fellow music and movie-lovers to the films and electronic gear most worthy of their hard-earned cash.

If you think you've got what it takes to be a writer and contributor to Big Picture Big Sound, or if you're a manufacturer with gear for review, drop us a line at

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