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Steve Jobs Movie Review

An ingenious structure and Aaron Sorkin's typically sharp dialogue elevate this exploration of the Apple icon beyond the standard biopic.

PAN Movie Review

Every hero needs an origin story. Here's one for the boy who wouldn't grow up.

Dukhtar Movie Review

A look inside Swara, the custom where female children are given to older men to pay a debt, is scary, bizarre, and surprisingly uplifting.

The Walk Movie Review

A lovely valentine to NYC with a thrilling final act.

The Connection Movie Review

"The French Connection" is revisited from the French point of view. It falls short of its predecessor, but it's still a pretty nice piece of work.

The Martian Movie Review

If you enjoyed Andy Weir's exceedingly detailed novel, you'll certainly appreciate seeing it brought to the screen in all its geek glory. It's like science porn.

The Intern Movie Review

"The Intern" is very much a Nancy Meyers film, for better or for worse, but it is exceedingly charming.

Becoming Bulletproof Movie Review

Documentary about the making of a film that stars physically handicapped people is sweet and heartwarming.

Olvidados Movie Review

Bolivian dramatization of how dictators committed atrocities in order to wipe out communism in Latin America in the 1970's isn't an atrocity, but it falls short of its target.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Movie Review

This sequel fails to capitalize on what made "The Maze Runner" so much fun.
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