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Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

Emma Watson leads a strong cast with her spot-on performance as Belle but plodding pacing plagues "Beauty and the Beast."

Frantz Movie Review

Frantz Fran├žois Ozon's latest isn't his best work, but it's easily good enough for you to invest some cash and time.

Kong: Skull Island Movie Review

Fun reimagining of the classic monster movie modernizes while still retaining the scale and scares of the original.

Binge Watching the Nominees: AMC's Best Picture Showcase 2017 Movie Review

BPBS's own Lora Grady tackles her fifth year at AMC's Best Picture Showcase

2017 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Live Action) Movie Review

This year's nominees for Best Short Film (Live Action) feature both serious and light-hearted entries, but one is a clear-cut winner.

Get Out Movie Review

Looking for a smart, fun, scary movie? "Get Out" and see this one.

2017 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Documentary) Movie Review

This year brings us a fresh batch of thought-provoking short documentaries, many of which highlight the ravages of war.

2017 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Animated) Movie Review

In Animated Shorts, there's nothing particular to recommend this year, though a couple stand out slightly from the rest .

The Great Wall Movie Review

As a wall, it's great. As a movie? Not so much.

John Wick: Chapter 2 Movie Review

John Wick is back - for better or or worse.
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