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The Finest Hours Movie Review

If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than this heartwarming tale of peril and heroism.

Rams Movie Review

Icelandic tale about two estranged brothers who are neighboring sheep farmers. Simple story, but beautifully executed.

How to Win at Checkers (Every Time) Movie Review

Coming-of-age story in Thailand touches upon brotherly love, homosexual love, issues of class, deception, and poverty. Despite a lot of great ingredients, the final dish is still missing something.

Jane Got a Gun Movie Review

Despite a tortured path to the big screen, this Natalie Portman vehicle is an engaging western.

Fifty Shades of Black Movie Review

This spoof doesn't offer enough laughs because the gags are cheap and quite obvious throughout, sometimes repetitive but mostly unfunny.

Requiem for the American Dream Movie Review

Noam Chomsky explains that Americans live in a pretend democracy and that America has been this way since its inception. Informative, but depressing.

The 5th Wave Movie Review

This generic YA adaptation borrows heavily from those before it.

Dirty Grandpa Movie Review

The bar is set so low for January movies that the few sporadic chuckles in this one-joke comedy may be enough.

2 Rabbits Movie Review

Brazilian imitation of a Tarantino-esque crime story captures some of the flair, but none of the meat.

Ride Along 2 Movie Review

Without Kevin Hart and Ice Cube this sequel would quickly run out of gas, though it feels like they're on cruise control.
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