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Get Hard Movie Review

This prison comedy's main offense is not being as funny as it could have been.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

The film adaptation of the bestselling bondage novel is much better than its source material deserves, but that doesn’t mean it’s particularly satisfying.

Wild Tales Movie Review

Argentina's entry for Best Foreign film of 2014 didn't win the prize, but it's one of the best black comedies to hit the screen that year.

An Honest Liar Movie Review

Documentary about James Randi covers his life from magician to exposer of hucksters and does so in a way that can't help but make you like the man.

The Widowmaker Movie Review

Watch this movie, save a life, maybe your own. Yes, really.

Focus Movie Review

This heist movie wants to be too many things, and, well, loses its focus.

Dave's 2015 Oscars Predictions

It's Oscars time again. It's the Battle of the B's as Birdman duels with Boyhood.

2015 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Documentary) Movie Review

Ultra-depressing group of Oscar-nominated short documentaries, but they are quality, too.

1971 Movie Review

In 1971, eight people in a small town managed to break into an FBI office and help alter the course of the Vietnam War. This doc unveils how they did it, and it's as unlikely as it is true.

2015 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Live Action) Movie Review

Oscar nominees for Live Action Short are very good, but only one can possibly emerge as the winner.