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Nymphomaniac: Vol. I Movie Review

Lars von Trier's latest is not lying about its title. It is part porno, part psychological examination, and entirely provocative. Despite some lulls and some confusing moments, it is worth a look.

Draft Day Movie Review

A promising addition to the Kevin Costner Sports Movie sub-genre is white-washed by the need for NFL approval.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Review

The First Avenger's second outing is a third-rate conspiracy thriller, but Chris Evans and company give it their all.

Muppets: Most Wanted Movie Review

The Muppets are back in this sequel to the 2011 hit film. But can lightning strike twice?

Divergent Movie Review

It will disappoint people expecting another "Hunger Games" - hint: it's not - and satisfy those with lower expectations.

Winter's Tale Movie Review

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman cuts his directorial teeth adapting an acclaimed fantasy tale, but the result is less than magical.

Endless Love Movie Review

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a terrible teen drama as a gift.

Easy Money: Hard to Kill Movie Review

Swedish gangster flick has so many bad guys doing different things that you will need a program to help you figure out who is doing what and who they are doing it to.

7 Boxes Movie Review

From Paraguay comes the tale of a young man carrying something valuable in his wheelbarrow that everyone wants. It is a thriller that sometimes thrills.

2013 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Animated) Movie Review

The Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Animated) are a decent but uninspiring group.