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The Great Wall Movie Review

As a wall, it's great. As a movie? Not so much.

John Wick: Chapter 2 Movie Review

John Wick is back - for better or or worse.

Land of Mine Movie Review

Danish film tells the true story of young German soldiers being used to defuse mines after World War II. Their treatment was illegal and perhaps immoral, but was it wrong?

A Good American Movie Review

An Austrian documentarian exposes damning information that might cause many an American citizen to lose sleep, like we really need another reason.

The Space Between Us Movie Review

If you weren't from Earth, the visually appealing "The Space Between Us" might serve as an enticement to visit, but as a movie, its good moments are overshadowed by cliches and inconsistency.

The Daughter Movie Review

Australian adaptation of the 1884 play, Wild Duck, is more lame than wild.

A Patch of Fog Movie Review

A Patch of Fog Full-length feature debut marks Michael Lennox as a director who may be on the way to a very successful career in film-making.

The Founder Movie Review

Michael Keaton relishes his role as Ray Kroc but the screenplay of "The Founder" can't quite catch up.

20th Century Women Movie Review

Annette Bening's remarkable performance anchors a strong cast in "20th Century Women".

Split Movie Review

"Split" has a few narrative bumps along the way but James McAvoy's performance is captivating and worthy of the price of admission.
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