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Rives Audio: Designers of Acoustically Correct Home Theater Rooms

Many folks who build their own home theater or high-end audio system ignore one of the most important components: the room itself. Rives provides room design consultation services to make sure the acoustics of your listening room enhance rather than detract from the listening experience. They also make their own Room Correction device with built-in parametric EQ to tame the acoustics of existing rooms.

HeadRoom - the place for Headphone Amps and other Portable Pleasures

For well over a decade, HeadRoom has been in the business of helping turn your head into a perfect place for personal listening. In addition to their own suite of headphone amplifiers and travel cases, HeadRoom also sells the best headphones and portable accessories on the planet, at all price ranges, and provides detailed specifications and opinions on all matters portable, so you can find the perfect match for your ears and lifestyle.

National Allergy Supply Incorporated

Makers of a Blackout Drapery Kit which does wonders for blocking out ambient light in your home theater. Bonus: they also insulate against heat and cold and save energy!

Polk Audio

Makers of fine loudspeakers for car and home, plus satellite radio tuners and compact entertainment systems.

Escalante Design

Makers of high-end loudspeakers for music and home theater listening. Escalante's design goals incorporate the 'marriage of modern aesthetics with traditional shapes and classical execution.'

Goo Systems

Makers of 'Screen Goo' - a specialized formula of paint that lets you turn your wall into a high quality front projection screen. They also offer vibration-damping component feet called 'Gooeys.'
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