Big Picture Big Sound

Bears Blu-ray

Bears Blu-ray Disneynature does it again, giving viewers an up-close and often breathtaking peek at a year in the life of an actual bear family.

Rush Blu-ray

Rush Blu-ray Ron Howard tries to rev up audiences with the true tale of two drivers during Formula One's 1976 racing season.

The Other F Word DVD

The Other F Word DVD Punk rock is more f-ed up than you think.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Volume Three: The Years of Change on DVD

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Volume 3 Just in time for Old Indiana Jones' long-awaited return, this final Paramount megaset is another treasure trove for history buffs, taking our impressionable hero around the world and back to Hollywood.

Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection on DVD

Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection New bonus features help to spruce up the beloved adventure saga, reissued on DVD just in time for this summer's big-screen sequel.

The Last Emperor on Criterion Collection DVD

Like the movie itself, Criterion's four-disc special edition DVD is lavish, yet bittersweet.

Beowulf Director's Cut on HD DVD

Beowulf HD-DVD The tragic tale of heroes and monsters, through the eyes of digital movie maestro Robert Zemeckis, makes for what could be the last great HD DVD.

The Ultimate Matrix Collection: HD-DVD

Ultimate Matrix Collection HD-DVD 'The Matrix' is upon us in High Definition with the 'Ultimate Edition' - a 5-disc set (3 double-side HD-DVDs and 2 double-sided Standard DVDs), packed with extras, and sure to please die-hard fans of the films.

Happy Feet: DVD

Happy Feet DVD A penguin story brings home an Oscar for the second year in a row, this time in the animated film category. Is the DVD award-worthy as well?

Poseidon: HD-DVD

Poseidon HD-DVD While perhaps not the best disaster movie ever made (not even close), the HD-DVD version of 'Poseidon' does exploit the format's full potential with In-Movie Experience and excellent visuals and sonics.
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