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Jeff Cohen - Writer's Bio

Jeff ponders technology's contribution toward society.

Jeffrey Cohen originally wanted to be an artist but was too lazy and became a writer instead. While still in high school on Long Island, Jeff performed comedy bits on WNBC-AM Radio and wrote phony letters to the editor for the National Lampoon.

Segueing into journalism, Jeff worked for community newspapers after graduating from CUNY-Queens College. He also wrote for Nickelodeon's "Get the Picture" game show for kids.

Currently working for a New York software company, Jeff roots for the Mets and watches NWA TNA pro wrestling while working on screenplays and other writing projects.

As for his contributions to Big Picture Big Sound, Jeff says "I'm not really an audiophile, or even a home theater buff. I see technology in terms of how it can make my life easier, better, more fun, or just plain more interesting."

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