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Bob Kuzma - Writer's Bio

That's Captain Kuzma to you.

When Bob Kuzma isn't busy saving the world (or at least San Francisco) from a deadly fire, he's enjoying movies and music on an eclectic blend of esoteric ultra-high-end electrostatic speakers, tube amplifiers and a CRT HDTV (hey, tubes still kick plasma's ass).

Bob's interest in hifi and video gear surfaced in college when he roomed with BPBS Editor Chris Boylan, who found Bob a willing recipient of his "old" equipment as he walked the path of continuous audio/video upgrade.

Bob's taste in flat panel speakers has progressed from BES (Bertagni Electroacoustic Systems) to Magnepan to Extatic. Rumor has it that he even has some Bang & Olufsen gear contributing to his current system, but he refuses to admit to this in audiophile company as he fears that it may give people the impression that he values style over substance.

Bob's love of music and film drives him in his pursuit of pure audio/video reproduction - an ever-elusive goal. But, in Bob's words, "the journey is half the fun."

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