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Dennis Burger, Wookiee for Hire

You know the guy who turns around and tells you to hush at the movie theater when you're yapping? The one that theater employees hate to see coming? The one who complains to the manager if the sound is too low or a speaker is blown? The one who wants the Exit light turned off, safety be damned, because it's casting a green glow across the screen?

Yeah, that's Dennis. He started working on his own home theater system at the end of the LaserDisc era, mostly because he was tired of other people ruining his movie-watching experience. He ended up doing such a good job that people began coming over and ruining his movie-watching experience at home.

He figured out that the only way he was going to be able to enjoy his movies in peace was to find some way to watch them at home during the day, while everyone else was at work. So he made a career out of it, getting his start at the now-defunct, and parlaying that into a position at Robb Report Home Entertainment & Design (now simply Home Entertainment), where he continues to write his regular movies/music/gaming column, "Show-Offs."

Dennis lives in Montgomery, AL, with his beautiful wife and their four-legged son Max, a rescued Chow/Pit/Lab mix who looks like a black bear but has a tendency to moo.

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  • Current Reference System

    Source Components

    • Sony PlayStation 3
    • Xbox 360
    • Moxi HD DVR
    • Denon DVD-1920 DVD-A/SACD Progressive Scan Universal DVD Player


    • Samsung HL-S5688W 56-Inch 1080p DLP


    • Anthem Statement D2v A/V Processor


    • Anthem Statement A5 multichannel amplifier
    • Crowson A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier


    • Infinity Interlude il40 speakers (4)
    • Infinity Interlude il36c center channel
    • Paradigm Studio SUB 12 Subwoofers (2)

    And the rest...

    • Elite HTS custom cinema seating with integrated Crowson Tactile Motion System
    • Richard Gray's Power Company PowerHouse Power Delivery System
    • Straight Wire Encore II Level 3 speakers cables and interconnects
    • MonoPrice HDMI cables
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