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Study Says Web-Connected HDTVs to Hit 650 Million by 2017

By Rachel Cericola

Recently, we took a peek at all of the new HDTVs coming this year. (See all of our 2012 Buyers Guides listed below.) When it comes to features, the most popular perk seems to be web connectivity. If you're not in the market for a new TV, there are still plenty of ways to get connected, via a web-enabled Blu-ray player, set-top box or game console.

No matter how people are connecting, the point is -- they are connecting. At least that's what new numbers from Juniper Research are stating. In Smart Home Ecosystem: Connected Devices, Service Models & Revenues 2012-2017, the research firm says that content services, such as Netflix and YouTube, have consumers clamoring for connected TVs. If the trend continues, we can expect to see the number of web-connected HDTVs hit almost 650 million by 2017.

Having that connectivity will boost revenue in other areas of the electronics world as well. Juniper Research says that smart-home revenues will reach about $25 billion by the end of this year, only to jump to $60 billion by 2017.

Samsung and a slew of other companies are building more HDTVs with web connectivity built right into the set.

"The consumer electronics industry along with key players, such as the content aggregators and platform providers, needs to clearly define this device ecosystem and start working towards driving this phase of growth and turn it into a revenue opportunity," said Juniper Research's Nitin Bhas.

U.K.'s Rapid TV News added that falling equipment prices are helping to fuel the fire, saying that the cost will continue to drop over the next five years as " the value of connectivity will rise."

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