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DTV Green Dish Antenna Now Available Nationwide for Free HDTV Channels

By Rachel Cericola

The idea of cutting the cord can be daunting. It's hard to dump all of those channels (even the crappy ones). However, not all cord cutters are suffering in silence -- literally. Instead, a lot of consumers are opting for over-the-air (OTA) programming, which is often HD-quality and absoutely free.

To get on the OTA train, you're going to need an antenna. If the idea of tweaking such a beast and even climbing out on the roof seems frightening in more ways than one, consider something like the Dishtenna by DTV Green Dish.

Dishtenna by DTV Green Dish promises free digital TV that's not available via basic cable and satellite packages. Now, don't get too excited about getting channels from the depths of space or even three states over. The Dishtenna will only receive digital SD and HDTV broadcasts from the networks in your local area.

How many free channels can you expect? Well, that's going to depend on your location and setup. However, DTV Green Dish isn't expecting you to go it alone. The one-time $299 fee includes the Dishtenna hardware as well as a professional installation to help you position that antenna just right.

The DTV Green Dish Dishtenna can be installed indoors and outside.

DTV Green Dish does say that the 18-inch HDTV Dishtenna should be able to receive channels within an 80-mile radius. Sample channels may include CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW, Univision, Ion, and more -- all for free, without any type of monthly fees.

As a nice bonus, the Dishtenna is made from environmentally friendly materials and is available in green, gray, sand and white color options. If you don't want it on the roof, DTV Green Dish says that an interior wall or attic is also an option.

"The patented science behind the DTV Green Dish Dishtenna is what sets it apart from anything else in the marketplace today," said Dan Rivera, CEO of DTV Green Dish and inventor of the Dishtenna. "The structural design of TV Antennas is what makes them ineffective. My passion for physics led me to think outside the box and create something that no one else had attempted -- a hybrid satellite dish plus antenna. Our patented technology provides a scientific breakthrough that allows us to safely and optimally capture free broadcast television and distribute it up to 8 televisions within a consumer's home or office."

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