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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review

By David Kempler

"Odd" but little else

The least we can expect from Disney is something to hold the kiddies' attention. When the studio is firing it up, they come out with product that works on levels for both the little tykes and the parents who are dragged there. Sadly, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" appeals to no one that I can think of. Perhaps there are some children who might enjoy it. Anything is possible, I suppose, but darn, if this one isn't a stinker.

Cindy and Jim Green (Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton) have been trying to have a child for years. Unfortunately, they can't produce any offspring. When they finally give up on their shared dream, they conjure up a fantasy of what their child might have been like. They assign the child characteristics, gleefully, yet wistfully, and write their opinions down. It is a scene that could be funny or sad, but is neither. When they are done they put their written descriptions into a box and bury it in their garden. Guess what happens next? That's right.

While Cindy and Jim sleep, an odd looking storm deposits moisture on the garden. Wouldn't you know it. The rain has created a vegetable, I mean a little boy that matches the buried pieces of paper. Timothy (CJ Adams), is the magical boy and he stares at his new parents. After couple of scant seconds, a make believe family is born. Timothy is no ordinary plant-boy. He is smarter than his parents, teaching them what is really important in life. While it didn't cause me to gag, it wasn't exactly inspiring.

Writer-director Peter Hedges doesn't do a very good job with the former, but the latter might be worse. Presumably because he helmed both sides we are seeing his vision. He might want to get his eye prescription re-evaluated, because nothing works very well here.

"The Odd Life of Timothy Green" is odd, but so what. It lacks insight, other than the painfully obvious. It lacks tension or excitement, as well. I'm not certain I can think of a single positive attribute it possesses. If you have a kid that for some reason wants to see it, divert their attention towards something else if you can. You'll thank me if you ever catch a glimpse of it when it hits the screens in your house.

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Movie title The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Release year 2012
MPAA Rating PG
Our rating
Summary Odd Disney flick appeals to parents and their children equally. That is: not at all.
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