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Sony's 2009 HDTV Line Details: Buy Now or Wait?

By Chris Boylan

Our friend Gary Merson, aka the HD Guru, has leaked pricing and availability details of Sony's upcoming 2009 LCD HDTV models.  So is it worth waiting for the new models or should you pick up a 2008 Sony model at close-out pricing?  Apparently that depends on the model. 

Some of the new sets feature cosmetic changes only, but many of Sony's newest sets will feature pircture enhancements such as Sony's improved MotionFlow 240 Hz processing.  Motion reproduction has traditionally been a weakness of LCD HDTV sets so anything to make this better is welcome.  But until this has been professionally tested, it's not known whether the benefits will be worth waiting for (and paying for). 

And when you see current models like the 52-inch KDL-52V4100 being blown out for $1349.99 (J&R), it becomes very tempting to snap up one of the 2008 models for a song. 

Pick up a current model on the cheap or wait for the new models? That is the question... Pictured is the KDL-52V4100, a 2008 model.

For more details, and specific recommendations from the HD Guru, read his full article on     

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