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Dish Network Subscribers to Get Google TV

By Rachel Cericola

Dish Network is about to get a little smarter. The satellite service just announced plans to offer Google TV, an open platform that combines multichannel television with web content.

Well, that was quick! Google actually just announced Google TV earlier today. The new service uses Google Chrome browser to access the thousands of selections around the web. They will work with Sony and Logitech to put the service inside TVs, Blu-ray players and companion boxes. There's no word on how DISH subscribers will access the service -- but they are the first provider to break with the announcement, so we're guessing the details will come later.

One thing we do know: How Google TV works. Subscribers will be able to type keywords into an on-screen interface. Then, Google TV will search across the web, Dish Network, and their DVRs all in one fell swoop for any content that matches the search.


"DISH Network has enjoyed a strong partnership with Google for many years, built on a common foundation of innovative thinking and risk-taking," said Charlie Ergen, Dish's president and CEO. "DISH Network's integration of Google TV marks the next evolution in television, and only DISH Network customers will be able to enjoy the best of TV and the web in one platform using their existing HD DVR receivers and a Google TV device."

Dish Network says they've been testing the Google platform for about a year now. More than 400 subscribers have participated in beta testing. They plan to expand the service to all of their customers this fall.

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