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Toshiba Announces Regza Cinema Series Pro LCD HDTVs

By Chris Boylan

In Denver today at CEDIA, Toshiba announced two new high-end models in their premium REGZA LCD flat panel TV line, the Toshiba 42LZ196 ($2999.99, October) and 47LZ196 ($3999.99). [editor's note: pricing reflects update by Toshiba, and replaces pricing in their original press release].

The new models feature 1080p Full HD resolution, advanced PixelPure Hi-Bit 12-bit digital video processing, fast "CineSpeed" LCD panel technology, new sleek high-gloss black cabinetry and innovative picture enhancement technology to set a new standard in LCD television quality. The 12-bit video processing enables 16 times the grey-scale gradation over standard 8-bit video processing systems for cleaner more natural images, with greatly reduced banding artifacts. The new models also feature Toshiba's new "Native Mode" which provide pixel-for-pixel accuracy on 1080p sources (zero overscan).

Toshiba's new REGZA Cinema Series Pro LCD models feature Toshiba's advanced 12-bit image processing technology.

Toshiba's 42LZ196 and 47LZ196 both feature Full HD 1080p resolution to take full advantage of HD-DVD.

The new sets include built-in TV Guide OnScreen support as well as ATSC/QAM high definition digital tuners (with cableCard support) for compatibility with both over-the-air high definition broadcasts and digital cable programming. They also include dual HDMI inputs as well as a PC inputs for use with a home theater PC.

Where to buy:

° Toshiba 42LZ196 on OneCall
° Toshiba 47LZ196 on OneCall

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