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Split Movie Review

"Split" has a few narrative bumps along the way but James McAvoy's performance is captivating and worthy of the price of admission.

Vince Giordano – There’s a Future in the Past Movie Review

Doc on Hot Jazz revivalist is a celebration of a music genre that still has life in it.

Live By Night Movie Review

Actor/director/producer Ben Affleck takes a step forward with "Live By Night" while also treading some well-worn ground.

Silence Movie Review

Martin Scorsese's latest film is dazzling and difficult, offering a journey that not all viewers will be ready to take.

Toni Erdmann Movie Review

Billed as a German comedy, but rather a comically dark drama, it manages to grow on you long after you have seen it.

A Monster Calls Movie Review

A tale of grief and the power of the imagination.

Passengers Movie Review

"Passengers" offers two charismatic stars but ultimately feels far too conventional.

Patriots Day Movie Review

"Patriots Day" is a thrilling and respectful film, detailing the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath.

Ghostland Movie Review

Instead of watching and studying a tribe in Africa, this documentary takes four members of said tribe to Germany to watch and study their natives. It's a smile-fest.

On the Map Movie Review

Documentary of an Israeli basketball team that won a European championship in 1977 isn't great, but it may be good enough.