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OPPO Debuts BDP-80 Universal Blu-ray Player Under $300

By Rachel Cericola

Looking for a Blu-ray player that can do it all? Expect to pay for those multi-format privileges. While we have yet to find a universal player for dirt cheap, OPPO is now offering its BDP-80 Blu-ray player for a very respectable $289.

While there are some cheaper Blu-ray players out there, this kind of investment will get you hours of different types of entertainment. As a Blu-ray player, the BDP-80 supports BD-ROM Profile 2.0 for tons of BD-Live and BonusView goodies. If you're not in a Blu mood, you can also pop in a DVD-Audio or Super Audio CD (SACD) selection. Of course, it does standard-def DVD and CDs, too.

Basically a stripped down version OPPO's award-winning BDP-83, the BDP-80 has been optimized for use as a digital audio/video transport. You won't find Anchor Bay's high-end VRS upconversion processor, but you will find a "Source Direct" mode that will pass content to an outboard receiver or processor at its native resolution. The BDP-80 also promises super-fast disc load times, better audio/video controls, and quicker responses to your flailing commands.

The BDP-80 has a full array of output connections and audio/video decoding capabilities

The BDP-80 features an HDMI 1.3 port, as well as component, S-Video and composite video connections for compatibility with legacy gear. Other features include internal decoding and bitstream output of the latest sound formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio, DSD and DVD-Audio, subtitle shift and vertical stretch zoom mode (for Constant Image Height front projection implementations), and a configurable 7.1-channel analog output.

A nice other little bonus is that the BDP-80 comes with 1GB of internal storage, so you won't need a card when tapping into BD-Live features.

OPPO will be offering the BDP-80 through authorized resellers as well as directly on the OPPO website.

The HDMI 1.3 port supports 1080p Full HD, 1080p 24Hz, Deep Color and Source Direct modes.

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