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Hitachi Shows Off New Wooo UT Ultra Thin LCD HDTV with Custom Frames

By Chris Boylan

At CEATEC 2008 in Japan last week, Hitachi showed off several prototype and pre-production LCD HDTVs in their recently branded Wooo flat panel line including LCD models with panels only 15mm deep (0.6 inches), plasma panels as thin as 35mm (1.4 inch) and a prototype 32-inch ultra-light LCD model weighing in at a svelte 10 kg (22 pounds).

With slimmer size comes lower power utilization as well. The prototype ultra-light is said to consume about half the power of conventional sets. Hitachi's goal is to cut power usage of their televisions at least 50% across the board beginning in 2009.

Hitachi also had on display several unique framing options for their LCD sets which replace traditional black or silver bezels with more creative colors and designs, to better match a customers interior d├ęcor and fashion-sense. These framing options are still in prototype form and may or may not be introduced into the US and Japanese markets based on consumer demand.

Ultra-thin LCD HDTVs from Hitachi.

Looking for something beyond basic black or silver? Try "gold leaf" - one of the custom frames on display at CEATEC.

Things that make you go "Wooo!" The TVs weren't the only things ultra-thin at the Hitachi booth. Team Pink is briefed on booth strategy.

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