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Crash is one of our four-star movie reviews at Big Picture Big Sound. Whether I knew it or not, I started writing movie reviews at a very young age. I knew I loved movies, but I didn't know what a critic's job was. I just knew that I liked rating movies (always out of four stars) and keeping track of their ratings. As I got older and devoured any film or screenwriting course I could get my hands on, I started to develop an even deeper appreciation for the art of film.

My first movie reviews were simply photo album pages with the ticket stub and a star rating (yes, I was very low tech at the time, if you can believe it). Eventually, I wrote movie reviews for my high school newspaper. I remember being one of the few to enjoy Richard Donner's 1988 holiday fable "Scrooged". That might be the first time I got a taste of what it was like to be a critic. Not everyone is going to agree with your movie reviews.

The four star rating system for my movies reviews came from my hometown newspaper. I grew up on Long Island and the "Newsday" movie reviews were always out of four stars. It didn't even occur to me to choose any other type of rating system. Four stars, to me, always meant the best.

At Big Picture Big Sound, I, along with my fellow movie reviewers, try to create movie reviews that are informative without being pretentious, knowledgeable but casual, and if we can swing it, humorous as well. In addition to the movie reviews, you can also find:

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