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Will Un-Shielded Speakers Damage an LCD or Plasma HDTV?

By Chris Boylan


Dear Expert,

I currently have a pair of B&W DM-302 speakers that produce a "static magnetic field" (according to the Owner's Manual). I also just bought a Sharp L42D64U LCD HDTV. I was wondering whether LCD TVs are affected by un-shielded speakers, I other words, can I place my B&W speakers close to my LCD TV?

-Alan T.


Hello, Alan,

Unlike CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) televisions, which use magnetic force to aim the electron beam at specific phosphors in the picture tube (and which can be permanently damaged by exposure to a magnet), LCD and plasma televisions are unaffected by magnetic fields.  You should be able to place your unshielded speakers right next to your LCD TV with no ill effects.

Hope that helps.



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