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Crash is one of our four-star film reviews at Big Picture Big Sound. Film reviews are in my blood. As you may have read in the "About Us" section of the site, I've been writing film reviews since I was a child. Though at the time I didn't know it, pasting those ticket stubs into a scrapbook and rating them was my first stab at creating film reviews.

Every critic has his own method. For me, I need to write film reviews as soon as I see the movie. Occasionally, I'll let a film stew in my head for a while. Typically these are the best ones. A "Crash" or "Million Dollar Baby" for example might take a day or even a second viewing to marinate. But most of my film reviews are written directly after seeing the movie.

This method, of course, puts something of a strain on anyone who sees the film with me. At this point, I've been writing film reviews for so long that most of my friends know I need to disappear for about an hour after seeing any film to write the review.

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