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A Gray State Movie Review

Watching a man descend into total paranoia is almost as scary as those around him willing to believe anything.

1945 Movie Review

A small town in post World War II Hungary attempts to face its past; aside from ridiculously, overly melodramatic music, it succeeds.

The Good Catholic Movie Review

An interesting hybrid, this placid romantic comedy includes a philosophical debate on the nature of faith and features strong work from veteran actor Danny Glover.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer Movie Review

This puzzling morality play from writer/director Yorgos Lanthimos is peculiar, thought-provoking, and unsettling on a bone-deep level.

The Square (2017) Movie Review

Uneven trashing of the modern art world has some great moments, but not quite enough of them.

Middleburg Film Festival: Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool Movie Review

The soapiness of the story about a May-December romance between actress Gloria Grahame and her much younger lover shouldn't keep you from seeing this drama for its impressive lead performance by Annette Bening.

The Snowman Movie Review

This movie? It's bad. We're cutting right to the chase...and wishing the filmmakers had done the same.

Jungle Movie Review

Despite the film never finding its footing, Daniel Radcliffe delivers a fantastic performance, surviving, though not winning, this battle of man versus nature.

Only the Brave Movie Review

Despite some moments that lag, this story about the firefighting Granite Mountain Hotshots is a respectful tribute to a team of real-life superheroes.

Marshall Movie Review

This snapshot view of an early case in Thurgood Marshall's career features a confident performance by Chadwick Boseman but fails to provide much insight into this influential figure.