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Nature's Most Amazing Events on Blu-ray Disc Review

Nature's Most Amazing Events High definition has done amazing things for films in the nature documentary genre--it's made them interesting again. This BBC production will delight anyone who loves to explore the world though their HDTV.

Children of Men on Blu-ray Disc Review

Children of Men A thought-provoking and artfully-composed drama with elements of science fiction arrives on Blu-ray Disc. While the extras are a mixed bag, the whole package is certainly worth checking out.

Pioneer VSX-919AH Home Theater Receiver Review

Pioneer VSX-919AH Home Theater Receiver Pioneer's VSX-919AH home theater receiver gives you out-of-the-box iPod connectivity and control, plus 7.1 surround and an auto speaker calibration feature, all for what you might pay for your Blu-ray player alone.

LG BD370 NetCast Blu-ray Player Review

LG BD370 Blu-ray Player LG's BD370 is the company's second Netflix-enabled Blu-ray player. It's also offers YouTube. Mix that up with decent Blu-ray performance and quick disc response and you've got a media machine worth checking out.

No Country for Old Men Blu-ray 2-Disc Collector's Edition Review

No Country for Old Men Collector's Edition on Blu-ray The double-dip Collector's Edition of the film on Blu-ray disc offers a host of bonus features for obsessive fans, not available in the original Blu-ray release.

Bedtime Stories on Blu-ray Disc Review

Bedtime Bedtime stories is a charming tale that twists reality and fantasy. If you can avoid the one major plot hole, it's harmlessly entertaining.

Onkyo TX-NR906 Home Theater Receiver Review

Onkyo TX-NR906 Home Theater Receiver Onkyo's 7.1 channel, multi-zone TX-NR906 is a modern media hub that may smash your preconceptions of what a home theater receiver can (and should) do.

Bolt on Blu-ray Disc Review

Bolt on Blu-ray Disc Take a good story with three dimensional characters, combine excellent animation with high quality video and audio transfers and you get one fine Blu-ray Disc from Disney.
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