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2017 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Animated) Movie Review

2017 Oscar Nominees for Short Film (Animated) In Animated Shorts, there's nothing particular to recommend this year, though a couple stand out slightly from the rest .

Land of Mine Movie Review

Danish film tells the true story of young German soldiers being used to defuse mines after World War II. Their treatment was illegal and perhaps immoral, but was it wrong?

A Good American Movie Review

An Austrian documentarian exposes damning information that might cause many an American citizen to lose sleep, like we really need another reason.

The Daughter Movie Review

Australian adaptation of the 1884 play, Wild Duck, is more lame than wild.

A Patch of Fog Movie Review

A Patch of Fog Full-length feature debut marks Michael Lennox as a director who may be on the way to a very successful career in film-making.

Vince Giordano – There’s a Future in the Past Movie Review

Doc on Hot Jazz revivalist is a celebration of a music genre that still has life in it.

Toni Erdmann Movie Review

Billed as a German comedy, but rather a comically dark drama, it manages to grow on you long after you have seen it.

Ghostland Movie Review

Instead of watching and studying a tribe in Africa, this documentary takes four members of said tribe to Germany to watch and study their natives. It's a smile-fest.

On the Map Movie Review

Documentary of an Israeli basketball team that won a European championship in 1977 isn't great, but it may be good enough.

Rules Don't Apply Movie Review

Warren Beatty returns to acting and directing. Maybe he should have waited a little longer or for something more worthwhile.
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