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VIZIO Debuts UHDTV and 2013 LED HDTVs from 22 to 80 Inches

By Rachel Cericola

Last week's 2013 International CES featured an insane amount of new HDTVs, including many with new, drool-worthy features. VIZIO was certainly doing its part for the frenzy, announcing a stunning 31 new TV models for 2013.

The company is kicking off the year with a brand new line of M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs. However, the most eye-catching (and eye-popping) news is that VIZIO is getting into the Ultra High-Defintion game, adding a little something with four times the resolution of 1080p with its XVT-Series.

VIZIO is planning to pack a lot into its UHDTV line -- and we're not even talking about that resolution. The XVT-Series Ultra HD Razor LED Smart TVs with Theater 3D will include the 55-inch XVT551d, the 65-inch XVT651d and the 70-inch XVT701d. All will include passive 3D technology, an ultra-slim frame, Razor LED technology, and a 240Hz refresh rate.

There's no word on pricing for the models in the XVT-Series. However, VIZIO plans to make that announcement closer to the line's release date -- and there's no word on when that will happen, either.


That said, the company will have plenty of non-UHD models for the year. The bulk of the lineup will fall under that M-Series. It will include the 32-inch M321i ($399.99), the 40-inch M401i ($529.99), the 47-inch M471i ($699.99), the 50-inch M501d ($849.99), the 55-inch M551d ($1199.99), the 60-inch M601d ($1599.99), the 65-inch M651d ($1999.99), the 70-inch M701d ($2499.99) and the 80-inch M801d ($4499.99). Whew!

All nine models boast an ultra-slim frame with a near edge-to-edge glass design and WiFi with VIZIO Internet Apps (V.I.A.). The latter is VIZIO's web-based platform, which provides on-screen access to Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, Pandora, YouTube, and much more.

All of the M-Series models have WiFi Direct universal remote controls with backlit keys. Models over 50 inches also have advanced local dimming, a 240Hz refresh rate with Smooth Motion, and VIZIO's own Theater 3D passive 3D technology with battery-free glasses.

There's no exact word on when VIZIO will start shipping the M-Series. However, the company says that we should expect to see models selling sometime later this year.

If you're itching for a new HDTV now, VIZIO has the E-Series. This line includes the 22-inch E221 ($159.99), the 24-inch E241i ($199.99), the 29-inch E291i ($259.99), the 40-inch E401i ($529.99), the 42-inch E420d ($529.99), the 50-inch E500i ($699.99) and E500d ($729.99), the 55-inch E551i ($879.99), the 60-inch E601i ($999.99), the 65-inch E650i ($1299.99), and the 70-inch E701i ($1999.99). All have a full 1080p HD image, advanced local dimming, SRS StudioSound HD, DTS technology, and more HDMI inputs (depending on the model).

VIZIO unveils its 2013 lineup at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas during CES.

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