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Tribeca Film Festival Preview

By David Kempler

Starting on April 15th and running through the 26th, you've got a chance to attend the Tribeca Film Festival, assuming you are in hailing distance of Manahttan, New York. Each year, the quality of the films available for viewing get better. I have seen a few in preview, already, and based on the admittedly small sampling, this year looks like it will be the best yet.

If you're a film buff or you just want to get to see films before they hit your local multiplex or art cinema, make it your business to attend.

This year features celebrations of Frank Sinatra, Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, the music of Mary J Blige, and the 25th anniversary of the classic "Goodfellas".

In addition, there are many other non-film events scheduled that you will no doubt find inviting.

For further information on the details of the festival, head on over to Tribeca Film Festival.



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