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Solid Signal HD-Blade Indoor Antenna Delivers Free HDTV for $28.99

By Rachel Cericola

If you've recently cut off your cable or satellite service, we hope you aren't just staring at the wall. Sure, you can stream tons of TV shows and movies through the web, but why rely on that as your sole source of entertainment. There are tons of TV channels out there for the taking, absolutely free! For a small startup investment, you can add an antenna and reap the benefits of OTA (over the air) channels, often with an HD-quality signal.

Yes, the startup fee is small -- and some are smaller than others. Solid Signal just announced its new HD-Blade indoor antenna, which is selling now for just $28.99.

This is an indoor option, which means you don't need to climb up on the roof to install it. That's certainly a nice little bonus! Instead, it can be mounted to a wall, in a window, or just laid down flat.

At first glance, this model looks an awful lot like the Mohu Leaf, but it doesn't act like it. According to a Solid Signal rep, the HD-Blade actually has antenna elements that stretch all the way to the edges of the device. This boasts a better performance, especially in the VHF-High range.


Featuring a thickness of just 0.4mm, the HD-Blade is constructed of silver foil sandwiched in between two sheets of high-durability plastic. That design should be resistant to scratches and other daily wear. It also has a detachable cable, which means you can customize it with any cable length or none at all!

Solid Signal says that the unit can be easily installed using any coaxial cable with F connectors, or Solid Signal's own Razor Thin cable.

"Many people, including our competitors, think that all HDTV reception is in the UHF band. That's just not true," says Mike Childers, product manager for HD-Blade. "Solid Signal has managed the impossible task of creating a slim powerful antenna that works on both VHF-High and UHF digital TV broadcasts, and it pulls in channels from distances you wouldn't expect out of an indoor antenna."

Available in white or black, the HD-Blade is recommended for use within 30 miles of major broadcast centers. It's available now directly from Solid Signal, for just $28.99.

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