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Skinit and Soundcast Team Up to Create Funky-Looking Outdoor-friendly Portable Speakers

By Rachel Cericola

Outdoor speakers aren't typically much to look at. For the most part, you have ones that look like a regular speaker and ones that look like rocks to blend into the scenery. However, Soundcast Systems wants to make its OutCast Speakers an outcast -- by wrapping it with a little something from Skinit, Inc.

The two companies just announced a partnership that will add personalization options to the OutCast and OutCast Jr. portable wireless speaker systems. Choose from favorite colors, photos, team logos, your own design, and more; Skinit will print up a little something that's easy to apply to either OutCast speaker model. Even better, it's also easy to take off, promising a "residual-free" removal.

"With OutCast's wireless portability and flexibility to fit and play anywhere, anytime, the need for varied exterior finish options is a no-brainer," said Mike Weaver, president of Soundcast Systems, Inc. "And, to meet this need and make the product more fun, aesthetically pleasing and personal, we are thrilled to announce a new exterior skin wrap option by Skinit, that allows clients to pick, choose and order their own unique 'flavor and style' preference for their speaker."


Skinit, Inc. has an automated online design and order system, with prices starting at $49.99. The OutCast is an all-weather, outdoor speaker that can transmit audio from your MP3 player, iPod, computer and even your TV, up to 300 feet. It has a starting price of $899.99. OutCast Jr. is a slightly smaller, more portable model with a rechargeable battery that promises 5 to 9 hours of playback. That model starts at $599.99.

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