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RCA RTS739WS Wi-Fi Streaming Soundbar Simplifies Home Theater

By Greg Robinson

Scoring what RCA is calling an industry first, the well-known consumer electronics maker helped kick off this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by unveiling the RTS739WS Wi-Fi Home Theater Sound Bar, a soundbar home theater system featuring an integrated streaming media player.

"The industry's first Streaming Sound Bar eliminates a number of the wires cluttering many home entertainment systems, since the capability for Internet streaming is built right into the device. The wireless surround sound speakers and subwoofer make the setup very simple, adding to the appeal of this all-in-one solution," said Stephen Jorge, VP of sales for RCA Audio/Video licensee Alco Electronics.

Measuring 37 inches in length, RCA's streaming soundbar looks like your average soundbar-type loudspeaker. However, what you don't see on the outside is RCA's DSB779W Wireless Media Player (released last year), which has now been effectively built right into the same enclosure. What this means is that in addition to external optical audio inputs from sources such as set top boxes and Blu-ray players, you also get built-in streaming of popular Internet apps such as Netflix, Pandora, Vudu, and others.

Video (up to 1080p) is output to your display device using the soundbar's HDMI output. And to complete the audio experience, consumers get a wireless subwoofer and surround speakers, allowing for installation and speaker placement flexibility. Similarly, the cut-the-cord convenience factor is bolstered by the fact that the aforementioned Internet app content can be fetched wirelessly thanks to the soundbar's integrated Wi-Fi receiver.


RCA's Wi-Fi Home Theater Sound Bar will sell for $199 when it goes on sale this year.

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