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LG Heats Up OLED TV Race with Ultimate Display in Monaco

By Rachel Cericola

The OLED race is on! In the past few weeks, we've seen announcements from LG and Samsung. Both companies are planning to bring OLED TV models to market this year. Until that magical moment happens, however, the companies are taking the tech on tour. LG is the latest to have us drooling for what's to come.

LG was recently at Monaco's renowned Salle des Etoiles. However, visitors weren't ogling the hotel, the casino, or even model Gemma Sanderson (ok, maybe). Instead, they were all checking out the company's upcoming 55-inch OLED TV.

An audience of 400 dealers, journalists and special guest F1 champion Sebastian Vettel turned out to hear LG vow to be the first company to bring OLED TV to European consumers. The launch is expected sometime in the second half of the year.

"In the history of television, there have been very few innovations as impactful as the coming of OLED TV," said Havis Kwon, president and CEO of LG's Home Entertainment Company. "We say the Ultimate Display because LG OLED TV is truly above all expectations and beyond everyone's imagination with uncompromising picture quality and beautiful design. This year, we plan to make OLED synonymous with LG."

Film director Jean-Jacques Annaud, model Gemma Sanderson and F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel pose in front of LG's new 55-inch OLED TV in Monaco.

LG's OLED TV features WRGB technology and 4-color pixel technology, a Color Refiner, and LG's Cinema 3D features. LG also promises that this OLED TV will deliver a perfect viewing experience without distortion or loss of contrast, regardless of ambient light or viewing angle.

The hook on OLED TV is that these TVs create their own light -- unlike LED and LCD. That means that no backlighting is needed. Also, because OLEDs use carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), the end result is a mere 4mm thick.

Attendees don 3D glasses to view a 3D video on LG's new OLED TVs at Salle des Etoiles in Monaco.

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